Post Script: Mad Cow

We wanted to quickly report to our readers a press release that came out today. As we said in the last post, Randall is desperate to cover his tracks and he is doing just that. We wrote briefly that when monthly revenue reports are released, the consultant number is listed at the end of the … Continue reading Post Script: Mad Cow

Ya, You Got Trouble

Late last week we heard some news, a rising if you will, of epic proportions that would, at the very least, raise some eyebrows, and hopefully open the eyes of many showing that what we have been writing about for a year now is just not about a lousy MLM and its business practices, but … Continue reading Ya, You Got Trouble

Never Gonna Get It

Last spring, we posted an in depth story about Usborne Books partnering with Chick-Fil-A this fall to sell mini books of their Shine A Light series. You can read that blog post here. Usborne Consultants blatantly ignored the requests of Chick-Fil-A and Usborne not to solicit proprietors, or ask managers to hold story times in … Continue reading Never Gonna Get It