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If you are interested in sharing your story  and it being featured as blog post, please contact us with the Subject: Share My Story here. Uzzies Uncensored believes in keeping your private information private and any personal information will not be used. Please know that if you are an active consultant, you take a risk in which sharing your story may result in termination by the company without notice. We encourage and will help you to keep your identity anonymous. By sharing your story, Uzzies Uncensored will not be held liable for actions or reactions of Usborne Books and More. The success of this site is dependable on readers who want to talk about their experiences so we encourage you to do just that. We also encourage you to report any wrong doings you may have witnessed. If you have questions about Usborne Books either as a consultant, customer, or ex-consultant, there are many places on the internet that can answer your questions. Please look under the About Usborne Books and More tab for general information about the company.