The Grinch Who Stole Christmas

For many years, Usborne has supported the U.S Marine Reserves Toys for Tots Program.  In the back office there are several documents available to consultants who would like to participate in this program to achieve the Toys for Tots mission which is to collect a new, unwrapped toy as Christmas gifts to needy children in the community where the program is conducted. UBAM also matches all donations by 50%, and provides free shipping and handling to the local distribution center.

A happy Consultant praised the CEO in his fan club group (because he doesn’t have enough people who suck up to him) for getting her order out. For whatever reason, he had to work his “magic.”


And then, Gandalf the White, turned into the Grinch. Two different characters in two different awesome books, but stick with us.

A reader contacted us telling us quite a different story about Randall White aka Gandalf and his not so magical ways. Another Consultant was called to serve and give back to her community and decided to join up with Usborne to raise funds in order to deliver books to children in need. Money was raised, the order was placed. However, as of December 1st the Consultant could not get a confirmation if her order had been received or even shipped. She contacted her up-line to no avail (big shock there). She finally reached out to the wizard himself and he said he would do what he could and forwarded her e-mail onto someone else– we’ll call her “Betty Boop.” Three days before her absolute deadline, she messaged all involved and asked for an update, since she still had not gotten a confirmation as to whether or not UBAM had shipped her donation.  White asked her to resend the order numbers, which she did. The deadline passed and only half the orders from actual customers who thought they too would make a difference for a child were shipped. Betty Boop said there was nothing she could do and maybe the distribution center would take donations today (Monday December 19th) that’s assuming they even arrived.

Randall is no Gandalf, he’s worse than the Grinch. He’s Balrog.

The documents in the back office not only tell you who to contact in the Toys for Tots drive, but it also tells you that they (the company) prefer large orders over $500.00. We really don’t buy that that would be because he wants to give away more inventory that they do a crappy job of tracking, after all giving away inventory is a tax write off for the company.

The documents also provide a script, yes you read right, a script for solicitations via phone as well as a letter. Understandably, this company sells a product. However, one would think during the season of giving, a Consultant could come up with an original thought and share it with those they are seeking donations from. Sadly, Usborne nor many of their Consultants have an original bone in their body. Was that a blanket statement about the company as a whole?!



Consultants are also told to understand the Marine Coordinator’s time is valuable and establish a good working relationship with them. Isn’t that just assumed? Many consultants can’t be bothered to go stand in the elements and collect donations, yet you have a Marine who was called to serve his or her country. And you see many of them standing in any kind of weather collecting donations. Usborne Consultants? They’d rather set up gofundme pages. Google Usborne and Toys for Tots and look at how many have a website set up.

The gig is up. Enough of posting pictures filling orders—looks like empty boxes if you ask us. You have a 75 year old CEO who thinks it’s charming to post a picture of his wife filling orders while doing a colon cleanse. Does he really think that’s comical or we’re all fools to believe the poor woman was stuck in the warehouse filling orders while waiting for the cleanse to kick in? Apparently the ass kissers of this group love it. Gross.


We would, however, like to thank whoever shared with the Grinch Who Stole Christmas our blog asking where all his warehouse employees are. He found time to be the real hog of the camera, and take yet another picture of his smug self and a few employees. He also finds time to push the ass kissers to the front of the order line, and pick boxes out of the lines to fill himself with his cute little “Hi X!” and his signature smiley face.


But he completely screwed over a Consultant just trying to bring just a little joy into someone’s life who was simply doing work on behalf of his company. Is this guy ever going to take any responsibility for his or his Consultants actions?  Doubtful since there are plenty to clean up the hot mess he and his employees continue to make We’ll wait to see who he lays the blame on.

It’s hard to say what the future holds for this company, but White and those who support and encourage his behavior and company dealings are morally bankrupt.

That’s my take. Tell me yours. Rainbow copy


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