Never Gonna Get It

Last spring, we posted an in depth story about Usborne Books partnering with Chick-Fil-A this fall to sell mini books of their Shine A Light series. You can read that blog post here.

Usborne Consultants blatantly ignored the requests of Chick-Fil-A and Usborne not to solicit proprietors, or ask managers to hold story times in their stores.

And here we are again. They are blatantly ignoring a multi-million dollar company. This utter disregard for rules and ethics starts in Tulsa, and spreads like a virus across the country.  When you have no Standard Operation Procedure in place, and CEO who makes up the rules as he goes along, one can obviously see this company is a complete sham.





Sorry, Blue, wrong answer. Red is exploiting a promotion to benefit their wallet. They are willing to spend $67.00 plus tax, or hoping Chick-Fil-A will hand over a stack of these mini books for free in the name of encouraging children’s literacy ie: pad Randall’s pocket,  when reality they want to use these for their classroom. Parents will be so excited (doubt it, try livid) they’ll ask the Consultant how to get the book– for $12.99 a pop!! That’s almost a $200.00+ profit to Red if every parent buys from this particular Consultant, which, (here’s that standard operating procedure again,) they cannot be buying/selling/promoting their Usborne business unless they are an Educational Consultant (which is in a middle of a freeze, more on that later) for the particular school they works for, and even then, it’s a conflict of interest. Teaching and selling should never go hand in hand, and hoping parents will buy from you  to make you some extra cash to buy a Hatchimal for Christmas.. should be grounds for termination.

That’s my take. Tell me yours Rainbow copy


One thought on “Never Gonna Get It

  1. Kristen Galardi says:

    I’ve about had it with UBAM. I’m a consultant and a full 4 weeks have passed since my huge order was placed. To date, the books have not reached UPS. As a consultant, we were promised that books would be delivered in time for Christmas if the order was in before Dec 4. Well, mine was in by Nov. 25, and a couple two days earlier. My phone calls have gone unanswered, my emails are not acknowledged and the “support ticket” that I was encouraged to submit hasn’t even been assigned to anyone yet.

    I’ve been left out in left field with no recourse and no way to find my books. Which means I’ll most likely lose most of my orders because the customers want them in time for Christmas.

    I’m beyond angry and it floors me that in 2016 it’s taking longer than 4 weeks to get these books. Especially when our Back Office correspondence promised all school based orders will be shipped first class or priority to reach homes in time.


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