New Consultant Kits

Usborne offers 2 kits for a new consultant joining their company. The first kit, valued at $125.00 plus tax, will get you 20 books, business supplies and a 6 month website membership. The second kit, a “mini” kit, is valued at $75.00 plus tax. You will receive 10 books, business supplies and a 6 month website membership. A business supply kit is available for $25.00 plus tax. The Educational Consultant kit can be ordered for additional $22.00. You are provided an order number and will be required to take a test where the questions will be based off of information in the Educational Consultant manual. Be forewarned: catalogs and many business supplies go out of stock and print as the company is going through some growing pains. The catalogs you receive will have many books are that are already out of print, and those catalogs are only useful for 6 months as a new catalog is released in January and July.

Additional fees:

After you have been with the company for 6 months, you will be required to renew your subscriptions. The E-commerce website and OrderPro are a necessity to place and process orders. Newsletters and using Usborne’s point of sale system are optional and a personal preference depending on how you would like to conduct your business.

  • E-Commerce Website: $12.00/3 months
  • I Make News Newsletter: $15.00/3 months
  • School and Library I Make News Newsletter (For Educational Consultants): $15.00/3 months
  • OrderPro Basic: $1.30/month
  • InTouch: An automated e-mail system, $5.00/month
  • Order Pro Point of Sale: $1.60/month