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Especially a big giant Hello to all the Usborne Consultants who have stumbled onto our blog, think we suck, but read anyway. Did you have a good time at Convention? Did you collect enough magnets, apparel and other junk to turn around and sell on the Uzzies Exchange Page for profit? Did you wear your tiaras at the Enchantment Under The Seas dance, violating copyright laws by ripping off the movie Back to the Future with the stupid Book To The Future theme? Did you bow down to the man who think of you as his own possession?

Ya, he did it again, offending people left and right on his June 1 conference call with investors. He doesn’t think real highly of you. And if you want to get pissed off with me about pointing that out, well the truth hurts, and I don’t find a single thing that comes out of Randall’s mouth amusing or CEO worthy.

But let’s talk about what he said about 2 weeks prior to the conference call.

As a commenter said on our twitter page, “It’s raining and no one likes my pyramid scheme, sob.” Pretty pathetic I’d say when a CEO of a company feels like he has to apologize to those in his fan club because they’re under attack. I realize one’s prostate shrinks with age, but God Randall, grow a pair already. No one should feel sorry for you, especially when you make 200K a year, and that’s not counting what other assets and paper money his has in EDUC. What a drama queen.

Apparently the conference call just did not go as well as Randall as hoped. One of the callers asked him about consignment:

Extensive research by three different people, two of which who have no position in the Company’s stock have proved this is not right. We also know from various sources speaking on terms of anonymity that the amount of consignment not being paid back is in the seven figure range. We and others have asked the hard questions, no one out of Home Office dares to correct us, in fact they say nothing at all, until now.

On June 2nd Home Office sends an e-mail telling all Consultants that as a reminder Amazon, Ebay etc is off limits to selling, BUT now you can no longer participate in Buy/Sell/Trade groups that we exposed and showed our readers that we question the validity of actual sales coming from actual consumers, not Consultant to Consultant buying and selling.  And shit hit the ceiling obviously.


I imagine Randall’s cell phone blew up with texts and phone calls, and he realized very fast this new rule was not going to go over real well, especially is you’re a Leader and you use Consignment to keep your status. You can read the policy here. We have discussed this issue in length, but it needs to be said again. Buying up and inventory loading has been going on for a very long time. We have shown evidence of people taking consignment out and selling it to other Consultants. And guess what. The new policy doesn’t mean shit. It’s about as good as the paper it’s written on.

This Consultant’s explanation really does not make much sense. But, since she pitched a fit, and is in the good graces of Randall, Randall caved and said OK, but change the name of group to it being a book locator group, make sure people say ‘In Search Of’ in posts and make the group private. A private Facebook page means you cannot find it by searching, that you must know another Consultant to gain access. So—books are still being bought and sold, Consultant to Consultant, whether it’s consignment, or free books earned, one way or another you are earning Company commission and rewards and/or cash free and clear. The company, nor this group has no way of tracking what is yours given to you free from the Company.  And they really have no way of tracking where you sell, because Usborne books are all on Amazon’s US site, and on Ebay. This policy has nothing to do with non-consultants or consumers who buy Usborne books at a discount either.  It has to do with writers and critics, such as ourselves, who were setting the record straight. That this Company and its Consultants were involved with unethical selling. When you have a company that cannot get an order out the door, then messes up the order, or sends you a piece of paper to buy the book when it came back in stock which is a complete pain in the ass to get done and shipping is outrageous, some went to other Consultants to fix the customer’s problem, because they hoped by fixing the issue themselves it would be faster to get the missing items to their customer (it was) and they would keep the customer (maybe, maybe not). Home Office expects their Consultants to fix their constant fuck up’s. Many others saw these groups as an advantage to sell, because consumers were not buying the product.


Time out, Pink. The DSA (Direct Sales Association) does not give a rat’s ass about you, and the unethical business practices of Usborne Books and More. They are lobbyists in Washington DC making sure this business and other MLMs stay on the very fine line of what the SEC deems a legal business. Directors and Leaders are telling naive Consultants that these new policies are due to the DSA as well, when in reality all this does is cover a lie with another lie, hiding the truth from the public. Writing and calling Home Office and telling them such groups should exist, or they’re going to quit shows you who is in control. It sure as hell is not Randall.

Five days go by and Home Office posts a FAQ about this BST bullshit which can be read here. They’re acknowledging that Consultants are doing wrong, skewing sales numbers, but hey “wink-wink” it’s OK as long as it’s done via private messaging, private groups, or verbal agreement, unavailable for public viewing or in writing. That’s a signature move of Randall– put nothing in writing, but he does plenty of running his mouth, so much so the new CFO who gets paid less than his son is running behind him making sure he does not violate SEC regulations, which he has numerous times, especially on the Yahoo financial discussion groups.

So we have a closed BST group, that went private, BUT the other BST group is still up and running. Supposedly UBAM tattletailers are out in force reporting back to Home Office for not following “policy,” but we have shown there is no reason why that group shouldn’t run business as usual. They offer discounts like the other group and that’s a no-no. According the Administrator on the private group she doesn’t think it’s fair for a customer or non-consultant to receive a discount. Isn’t that nice of them. They think once you offer a discount to a customer, that customer will expect a discount every time they want to buy something, and in turn makes a “high quality” book at a competitive price appear to be cheaper than it is. This is why Randall dumped Amazon, but with Amazon breaking the $1,000/share mark this past week, I personally think that was the dumbest move in the history of business making decisions.

We have Orange telling people how to get around the rules. Consultants, Leaders, all of them do this all time, so this is of no surprise to us. Purple is right the Company makes money the second you sign up. Randall said in his conference call that they don’t make any money off recruiting. Total bullshit. Part of an MLM is recruiting. And they make the majority of their money off people buying those kits. He has lost 2,000 Consultants in the last 3 weeks (probably more since this rule went into effect). He also told listeners the kit is $50.00. That would be if you buy a kit now until June 29th. Then prices resume back to their original costs. This tells us A: he needs money, and B: he needs warm bodies. He doesn’t even bother posting consultant numbers in his press releases anymore since we called him out on how off the numbers are. You’re welcome. 🙂

A post was made about UBAM coming down on Consultants who continue to sell and buy on the closed group, but if you were quitting the business, you can dump your inventory. Again, more Consultant to Consultant buying and selling. And here’s a little tid bit for you. If you make a payment on your Consignment balance and are inactive, you automatically become active again for six months and Randall can bump his consultant numbers, revenue numbers and vomit at will “explosive growth” without breaking a sweat. Nice trick huh?

As the policy rolled out, we began to get an influx of information. And I want to make something very clear. When we get stories, screen shots, what have you, we check and double check the information making sure it is 100% accurate. People are pissed. They’re quitting which I say good for you! Go watch Betting On Zero on Netflix and thank us later for getting out. With that being said, I want to share with you two screenshots we got.

We have one person wanting to trade books for LuLaRoe who is knee deep in its own issues because they have assholes for CEOs. Seventy-seven comments later, I’m sure some trades were done, but on what condition who knows. Randall does not like when people mix Usborne with other MLMs. The second screen shot, a Team Leader no less is wanting to dump her consignment/inventory– sixteen posts worth at 30% off. I think it is a safe bet that that is more that $1,000 worth of consignment, and despite this being posted in the private group, consultants are still buying and she earns her commission, overrides, and rewards for paying off the consignment balance. They can’t have it both ways: A private group where selling continues, and terminating others in the closed group if they’re active, but quitting.

By the way, Randall’s pissing contest with Amazon, Brooks and Taylor and whoever else who wanted to discount his books seems to be ignored by the one company he will never be able to compete with:

If you’d like to contest that this book was in paperback format and in shitty condition, we have it in hand. It’s the same quality that Usborne sells to its customers.

If honesty and integrity was so important to Randall, he and his “possessions” would not act in the manner that they do. They turned a blind eye for years until outsiders started their own independent research of the company and found major holes in reports, expenses, and sales. Behind the scenes, they encourage one another creating more lies about the original lies, and call out the critics and researchers. According to Randall, don’t waste your time reading this blog, we’re just “mean to him.” (insert three year old baby talk). Grow up Randall. We’re entitled to our opinions and feel we owe the public the truth. You see, there are rules and regulations businesses follow, or they are fined or shut down.  When those rules and regulations are not followed, things like the Company’s public stock is over valued, and quarterly and annual reports are not accurate. And the biggest problem is the business model is a predator; seeking at the naive stay-at-home mom who is promised financial freedom, yet loses copious amounts of money by the bullshit script he tell his investors and leaders tell potential recruits. EDC– parent company of Usborne Books and More (traded EDUC) financial books will never be accurate and it’s high time the  public is made aware of this. The merry-go-round has yet to stop spinning and Consultant to Consultant buying and selling continues, no matter what Home Office or any Consultant tells you.

PS: Want more proof the numbers are a sham? Emails are going out to people who have a consignment balance. They want people to confirm their balances. SAY WHAT?

As Brandon Ferro said on Seeking Alpha:




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