June 2, 2017 Offering Promotions and Incentives

Effective June 2, 2017


Sponsoring New Recruits:

Usborne Books & More prohibits the following activities related to sponsoring new recruits:

  • Representation of any obligation to purchase products or business supplies (other than the New Consultant Kit)
  • Enrollment and/or Placement of individuals as Consultants without their knowledge and permission
  • Enrollment of fictitious individuals as Consultants
  • Offering to cover some and/or all of the cost related to a New Consultant Kit, including but not limited to paying up-front for the kit
  • Offering incentives or rewards for joining a team (this is not reflective of what is being offered by Home Office in the kit or as a recruiting special)

Essentially, any additional bonus that is offered to encourage someone to sign up is prohibited.

Bonus Buying:

Honesty and integrity are of the utmost importance to Usborne Books & More. The highest level of success is not achieved by buying books or participating in unethical activities in order to make sales goals and earn prizes. This is referred to as “Bonus Buying” and may result in the immediate termination of the Consultant Agreement.

Usborne Books & More prohibits the following activities related to sales of products:

  • Purchasing products simply to qualify for promotions, incentives, commissions, overrides, bonuses, sales contests, or maintain Leader requirements.
  • Manipulation of sales, including but not limited to, placing sales in others’ names or purchasing through another consultant’s site in order to qualify for promotions, incentives, commissions, overrides, bonuses, sales contests, or maintain Leader requirements.
  • Usborne Books & More does not require or encourage Consultants to purchase inventory in an amount which unreasonably exceeds that which can be expected to be resold and/or consumed within a reasonable period of time. This is referred to as inventory loading.


Usborne Books & More reserves the right to audit rank advancements, promotions, and incentive trips/contests to identify instances of bonus buying. Usborne Books & More must be vigilant in ensuring orders are placed on behalf of our customers through their Independent Consultants. Failure to comply with any of the Bonus Buying policies listed above jeopardizes Usborne Books & More under federal regulations prohibiting pyramid schemes. If you participate in any of these activities you are putting your own business at risk and jeopardizing the future success of others.

Additionally, Usborne Books & More Consultants are asked to adhere to the following guidelines when offering promotions/incentives to customers, especially via social media:

  • Current Usborne Books & More company-offered specials may be shared publicly with all customers. Please be aware of and adhere to the guidelines of social media sites regarding advertising on personal pages, etc.
  • Personal specials and/or promotions may be offered only in ‘Closed’ or ‘Secret’ groups, in private events and/or in private discussions.

A Consultant is permitted to privately offer specific, time limited, occasional incentives such as “book a Home Party tonight and get $X off your order” or “spend over $100 and receive free shipping” so long as your offers/promotions:

  • Are only offered via private conversations or groups
  • Are offered to a limited group of customers
  • Do not run for an extended period of time
  • Are available to your customer base infrequently

It is important to remember you represent a fair-priced product with a high value. Constantly offering discounts and/or purchasing promotions may inject a temporary boost in sales, however, it may not produce a long-term, loyal customer. Those who have only ever bought products from you ‘on sale’ will not likely be willing to purchase products not ‘on sale’. Home Office discourages this practice as it serves to devalue our product and our company.

While we understand wanting to support other Direct Sales consultants, Home Office prohibits the use of these products to promote your own business. Doing so may unintentionally highlight the product or business opportunity and lead customers, hosts, or team members to pursue the other company.