About Us

This site is about Educational Development Corportation home of Usborne and Kane Miller Books and their home based division, otherwise known as a multi-level-marketing company.  This site will focus on the home based division of the company and its bait and switch tactics to lure women, especially the stay at home mother, to join and recruit others with empty of promises of being your own boss, making money with little effort, all the while lining the pockets of those who are in your upline with money, and leaving you wondering how it was you who failed. Those who seem to be successful with Usborne Books are eventually brainwashed by repeating only company approved information and deception, while individualism is discouraged.

Uzzies Uncensored has witnessed the abuse, lies, hypocrisy and fraud that this multi-level-marketing company has used to prey on women and their wallets. This is a safe-place for those who have been silenced and hurt by consultants, team leaders, advanced leaders and even those directly employed by Usborne Books. While we welcome all view points, we feel there are plenty of websites and areas on social media where you can share your success story. What there is a lack of, is the need for those who would like to share their experiences that have been less than stellar. The only thing worse than not knowing the truth is knowing the truth. Uzzies Uncensored strives to end this silence… one story at a time.